Bulls Reborn

With Opening Day 2014 just 21 days away, there’s much to be excited about as a Durham Bulls fan. The DBAP is getting a face lift that will make it among the finest ballparks in the country, in July the Triple-A All-Star Game will visit the Bull City for the first time, and when the team hits the field April 3rd, they’ll do so as the reigning Governors’ Cup champions.

With the excitement and expectations that come with the 2014 season, we’re proud to announce we’ve added “Hit Bull Win Blog” to our repertoire, as it will join our online/social media presence of www.durhambulls.com, our Twitter account (@DurhamBulls), our Facebook page (facebook.com/durhambulls) and our Instagram account (@DurhamBulls).

Our goal is to make this a one-stop-shop for every single one of our fans. You want baseball content? We’ll have it. You want to see what fans think of the updated DBAP? Look no further. Want to see a list of why the Bulls are basically the best thing that ever happened to The Triangle, Minor League Baseball and the world in general? WELL THAT’S WHY WE HAVE THIS BLOG. We’ll post engaging, funny, interesting, sometimes articulate, highlight-reel content all from Hit Bull Win Blog.

When it comes down to it though, we’re all about serving you, the fans. So if you have some suggestions on what you’d like to see from us, we’d love to hear it. Send us an email at socialmedia@durhambulls.com. Who knows, you might have such a good idea that the brain trust here on Blackwell St. can’t handle it, and we’ll let you do a guest post. This is as new to you as it is to us, and we just want to make this the best production it can be.

So sit back and enjoy Hit Bull Win Blog; we know we will. See you April 3rd.


Welcome to the blogosphere!

This is excellent! Thrilled to see this blog. Who is doing the writing? How about bylines? Let me know if I can help in any way — I have 22 years experience in Internet content and wrote the first edition of “Blogging For Dummies.” But beyond that, congratulations! The Bulls were already a great franchise with an outstanding experience, and this year the organization is clearly reaching for a higher level. I’m proud to be a Bulls fan. See you on Opening Day. 🙂

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