Seven Reasons Cole Figueroa is So Easy to Like

7. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he gets to “give gifts to others.” Selfless much?

Charlie Brown


6. David Price, the 2007 Golden Spikes Award winner, once called Figueroa “the toughest college hitter I faced in three years.” The two squared off when Figueroa was at Florida and Price pitched at Vanderbilt.


5. The first CD he ever bought was a Boyz II Men CD. In Cole’s defense, the ’90s were a weird time.


4. Cole’s dog, Cutter, is the self-proclaimed Mayor of Bark in the Park. True story.


3. Joe Maddon’s a fan, saying in 2013, “I really like his mind. I had only heard of this guy through minor league people, but this guy is going to play in the big leagues.”

Maddon Figs


2. The dude is off to a super-good start. He’s reached base in every single game he’s played in this year AND he leads the league in on-base percentage.



1. Have you ever seen a better smile? Some guys just got it all…

Figs headshot

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