Superfan Spotlight: Ken Childs Delivers Craig Albernaz’ Championship Ring

Bulls fans are the best in Minor League Baseball. There’s no hyperbole in saying that. It’s just a fact. One of our favorite fans is Ken Childs, a half-season ticket holder from Durham. Ken is about as vocal as they get on Twitter, so if we’re looking for some interaction we know @TheKenChilds will be there for us.

Ken’s also Craig Albernaz‘ biggest fan. The former Bulls backstop is a legend in these parts, having played parts of five seasons in Durham. So when Alby signed with the Tigers organization last offseason, there were more than a few bummed out folks around the DBAP. None more bummed than Ken Childs.

Ken missed Alby so much, he decided to take a trip to Richmond to see the Double-A Erie Seawolves (Craig’s new team) play the Flying Squirrels. That’s where we stepped in. Seeing that we had a brand new 2013 Governors’ Cup Championship Ring with Alby’s name on it, we enlisted Ken’s help in making a surprise delivery.


Ken caught up with Craig before the game, and after exchanging some pleasantries, unveiled his surprise gift.


Alby, obviously, was stoked.


Watch the entire surprise ring presentation:

We’re glad to have payed a small part in connecting one of our biggest fans and favorite players for a special moment. Minor League Baseball allows us all to be a bigger part of the game, to feel closer to our teams, and to take parts in moments like this that you’d never dream of on the Major League level.

So hats off to Ken and Alby in this edition of Superfan Spotlight!


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