Why The Triple-A HR Derby Will Be The Most Interesting Thing in the Baseball World on July 14

So Major League Baseball announced its captains and new format for the 2014 MLB Home Run Derby on July 14 at Target Field in Minnesota. The layout involves brackets and byes and head-to-head matchups. Troy Tulowitzki will head up the NL squad, while Jose Bautista leads the AL unit.

That’s cute.

Now, here’s a few reasons why you should DVR the MLB HR Derby, and come out to the DBAP for the Triple-A HR Derby the  same night.

First, we have the Snorting Bull, the most iconic target in baseball: a giant Bull that snorts, wags its tail and shoots freaking smoke out of its nose with every home run hit.

Second, every time the Snorting Bull gets hit a lucky fan will win a $100 gift card to the legendary Angus Steak Barn.

Third, if the Snorting Bull is hit 15 times a lucky fan wins $15,000. Straight up.

Fourth, the Long Haul Bombers kick-off the event before the Triple-A sluggers get after it. If you haven’t seen them, simply watch the video below. These guys mash.


Fifth, we’re going to have dogs. That’s right, dogs. The Olate Dogs to be precise. The former winners of America’s Got Talent are taking their talents to Durham for the All-Star festivities. Say what you want about competition shows, but these dogs do indeed have talent.


Sixth, remember when Josh Hamilton hit 147 home runs in the 2008 HR Derby at Yankee Stadium? Yeah? Well Clay Council, who threw to Hamilton that unforgettable night in The Bronx, will be throwing to our two finalists.

Seventh, *Drops mic*

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I would encourgae MiLB to include the Long Haul Bombers in ALL AAA All-Star HR Derbys. Man oh man, they put on quite a show last night in Durham. This was the first time I had seen them LIVE in person and they wowed me to the max. Even scraped my knee going after one of their bombs. Forget hitting the Bull in left field – they didn’t need too. They literally launched softball bombs all over the place – the balconies, rooftops, even the circle driveway at the back of the resturant. They were more fun and exciting than Home Run Derby.

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