Who Should You Root For in the Triple-A All-Star Game?

One problem many fans face each July is whether they should root for the American League or National League in the MLB All-Star Game. Well at the Triple-A ranks, the All-Star Game pits the International League (9 AL affiliates, 5 NL) against the Pacific Coast League (6 AL, 10 NL), throwing AL and NL loyalties out the window. In order to help you decide which team to pledge your undying fandom for on July 16 at the DBAP, we’ve devised a nice little questionnaire which should clear things up about about which team to root for.

1. Fill in the blank: When I travel, I prefer to travel by _____________________.

A. Plane

B. Driving/bus

C. Sometimes by plane, sometimes by driving. Depends where I’m going

D. I don’t travel.


2. Fill in the blank: Typically, I prefer to see a game feature ____________________.

A. Home Runs

B. A pitcher’s duel

C. A close finish, but low-scoring. Let’s say 4-3

D. More runs than 4-3. Let’s say 7-5.


3. Fill in the blank: For vacation, I usually like to travel to ____________________.

A. Either the desert or the mountains

B. Mid-sized cities with somewhat rich history

C. A nice city with a lot to do in the surrounding areas. Durham, NC perhaps?

D. All of those options are terrible


4. If you could either hit 35 home runs or steal 75 bases, which would you choose?

A. Hit 35 home runs

B. Steal 75 bases

C. How about I hit like, 14 homers and drive in 60 in only 75 games?

D. Why can’t I just be a pitcher?


5. If someone told you a player on your team was deaf, but you saw him constantly communicating with other teammates, would you actually think he’s deaf?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Ummm, what?

D. What kind of question is that?


6. True or False: You like winning one-game, winner-take-all scenarios.

A. True

B. False

C. Sometimes True, but sometimes I like making my opponent feel good. “Throw a dog a bone” if you will.

D. This is a dumb question. Everyone likes winning.


7. I don’t always party, but when I do…

A. I prefer to party in Omaha

B. I prefer to party in Gwinnett

C. I prefer to party at Tyler’s

D. It’s impossible to party at any of those places.


If most of your answers were “A” you should root for the PCL.

If most of your answers were “B” you should root for the IL.

If most of your answers were “C” you don’t really care which team wins, you just want to see your Bulls do well.

If most of your answers were “D” you’re no fun at all and you don’t deserve to have a rooting interest.


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