Top 10 Wil Myers Moments

After a few days of rumors, the deal has come to fruition. 2013 American League Rookie of the Year Wil Myers has reportedly been traded to the San Diego Padres in a three-team deal that also included the Washington Nationals. Prior to his promotion to the Bigs in 2013 though, the Thomasville, N.C. native put on a display in a Bulls uniform, hitting .286-14-57 in 64 games. As Myers departs the Rays organization, we take a look back at his Top 10 moments with the Durham Bulls.


10. In the offseason between the 2013-14 seasons, Myers dropped by the DBAP to check in on the $20 million renovation taking place at the stadium.


9. He got called up the same day the Bulls celebrated the 25th anniversary of “Bull Durham.” That’s just plain cool.


8. When the 2013 Bulls Opening Day roster came to the DBAP for their first workout, Myers, along with fellow top prospect and North Carolina native Chris Archer, had their own private photo shoot… Studs.

Wil and Arch


7. When he trolled aforementioned Archer during the pitcher’s takeover of the @DurhamBulls feed:

6. The creation of WilVille and other Wil-themed things. When the trade that brought Myers to the Rays system from the Kansas City Royals became official, the Bulls launched the “Wil He, Won’t He” ticket plan when it was unsure if Myers would start the season in Durham or Tampa Bay. The WilVille seating section and t-shirt launched in April of 2013. Then in 2014, when it was announced Myers would be rehabbing but the location was unknown, the team launched the “Wil He, Won’t He Rehab” ticket package.


5. The old saying goes, “In order to have a bobblehead made of you, you gotta be somebody.” Or something like that. Well, Wil Myers got a bobblehead. So by the Transitive Property, he must be somebody. (Also note nod to patented Myers’ bat flip).



4. When he won AL Rookie of the Year honors, a Bulls fan won a signed Fathead. If that’s not hanging in a Man Cave somewhere then it’s not being used properly.


3. While rehabbing in 2014, Myers crushed a grand slam in an Aug. 12 game against the Rochester Red Wings. Was the home run impressive? Sure. Was the grand slam a bonus? Absolutely. But the best part is his smile after the ball comes off the bat. Watch closely at the :40 mark.


2. While rehabbing from a fractured right wrist in 2014, Myers was stoked about a giant graphic of himself in the entrance plaza to the DBAP. Later in the day, he griped to Bulls staff there wasn’t enough “Wil stuff” in the stadium. Upon being reminded of his giant graphic and the fact he graced the cover of the pocket schedule and media guide he smiled and said, “Oh yeah. True.”


1. This gargantuan home run from 2013, his last homer before his call up to Tampa Bay. In case you were wondering, it made it to the fourth balcony…


Good luck Wil, we had some good times.

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