Blake Snell Won Another Award (And He’s Making Us Feel Bad)

On Wednesday, Blake Snell earned yet another award. This one, handed out by the staff over at, was the cleverly-titled MiLBY for Best Starting Pitcher. And with the announcement, we realized something: Blake Snell is not good for our self-esteem. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all happy for Blake, and very happy he’s part of the Bulls family. But, he’s making us all feel bad.

You see, we live in a society where children are now given trophies and medals for participating in a sport, event or competition. As you enter adulthood, the trophies and medals you gather stop coming your way, and you never really think about it. Until someone comes along and has a year like Snell had, where he’s accumulated 14 in-season or postseason awards (see below), and NONE of them were simply for showing up. Minor League Player of the Year. Best Starting Pitcher. How about spreading the wealth a little bit, bro? The last award this writer won was tied to an eating/sleeping competition. You’re over here posting a 1.41 ERA while I’m feeling like a bear about to enter into hibernation.

But you know what man? We’ll cut you some slack since you’re on our side. Just keep doing your thing, and you can garner all the awards you want. Just please, PLEASE, don’t ever pitch against us.

In-Season Awards/Accolades:

  • Futures Game selection
  • Southern League Midseason All-Star
  • Southern League Pitcher of the Month (May)
  • Southern League Pitcher of the Week
  • Florida State League Pitcher of the Week

Postseason Awards/Accolades:

  • USA Today Minor League Player of the Year
  • Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year
  • Tampa Bay Rays Minor League Pitcher of the Year
  • MiLBY for Best Starting Pitcher (
  • MLB Pipeline Pitching Prospect of the Year
  • MLB Pipeline All-Prospect Team
  • Baseball America Minor League All-Star
  • Baseball America Double-A All-Star
  • Southern League Postseason All-Star


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