How (and Why) the Today Show Featured Bulls Hats

Earlier this morning on the ‘Today Show,’ Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist sported Durham Bulls hats on the broadcast.

Some folks are asking how this came to be. Well, it was announced back in January that WRAL-TV would switch from a CBS affiliate to an NBC affiliate on Feb. 29. WRAL-TV is owned by Capitol Broadcasting Company, the same company that owns the Bulls.

(Link to the full clip)

To help unite NBC and the CBC family, it was decided that the folks up in New York could use some Durham Bulls gear. So last week a few Bulls staffers nabbed some hats from the Ballpark Corner Store, and before you knew it the hats were on their way up to Manhattan.

Been a good week for Bulls hats. First they get some love on Netflix, now they get some love on the ‘Today Show.’ Guess that’s what happens when you have the best hat in baseball.

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