Eight Date Night Ideas from the Bulls Promotional Schedule

At the Durham Bulls, we always want to look out for you, our loyal fans and fellow Durhamsters. We also know that sometimes it can be pretty tough to come up with good date ideas for you and your significant other, so we picked a few dates out of our newly released promotional schedule to help you and your guy or gal break out of the old “Night in with Netflix” routine (though there are some shows on Netflix that know a good baseball hat).

Bark in the Park — April 27, June 8, Aug. 3

Show off those maternal/paternal instincts by bringing your well-cared-for dog to the DBAP on any of the three Bark in the Park nights. Singles should definitely circle these dates, too. If your dog gets along with someone else’s dog, or the cute guy/girl comes up to play with your dog, one thing could lead to another and then you will definitely need to circle the rest of the dates on this list for date nights. Think of it as speed-dating for you AND your dog.


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Star Wars Night — May 7

If Star Wars is your scene, this is your night. Break out the big bucks to bid on the special edition, game-worn Star Wars jerseys and show off your philanthropic side because all the proceeds go to charity. Take couples photos with some of the many Star Wars characters who will be in attendance. Marathon through the movies during the day to refresh your memory on all the great quotes, so when he/she tells you they love you, you can hit them back with Han Solo’s iconic line.


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And remember, if he/she hasn’t seen Star Wars, you should find out because that might be a deal-breaker.


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Fireworks Nights — Every Friday, plus every Saturday beginning May 21

Take in a game in the company of your date, then kick back and enjoy the fireworks display a ‘couple’ times a week throughout the summer. Maybe our fireworks will help make sparks fly between the two of you.

DBAP Food Truck Fest — May 11, Aug. 31

You won’t have to worry about arguing over what restaurant to go to or concession stand to order from, because a wide variety of foods will be just steps away from each other at DBAP Food Truck Fest. If you want the tacos, but your date wants the gyro, you can both have what you want! Just remember to bring some mints if you might want to order something with garlic or onion in it. Your date, and the fans seated around you, will thank you.


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DURM Night: Celebrating the Bull City — June 9

Show off your love for the Bull City and local companies, like Runaway, which designed the Bulls special edition jerseys for the night. Plus, it won’t break the bank if you’re looking for a budget-friendly date because Bright Leaf Hot Dogs, soda and popcorn are just $1 each all game long.

Day Games — April 26, June 1, June 22

Sweep your date off their feet and play hooky from work at a Wednesday day game. Soak up some rays, watch some future Rays, and have a one-day weekend in the middle of the week to get over the hump day blues.


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4th of July — July 4 (duh)

There is nothing quite as American as baseball and fireworks on the 4th of July. Luckily for you and your date, we have both. Enjoy all the comforts of freedom with the Bulls and your date on one of the biggest baseball nights of the year. And if you plan to go to the game now, you can avoid that awkward weekend with your date’s parents.

Opening Night — April 7

Baseball is back in town after a long offseason, what more reason do you need for date night at the DBAP? It will be a great change up from those long spring days you’ve spent indoors avoiding the rain and pollen. Plus: fireworks!


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