Five Reasons Durham Bulls Fan Fest is the Place to Be This Weekend

This weekend fans can return to their Durham Baseball promised land, when the Durham Bulls Fan Fest is going on from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, March 4, and Saturday, March 5, at the DBAP. This season’s Fan Fest has so many great activities around the DBAP, we wanted to be sure you got the best Fan Fest experience possible. Here are five of the can’t-miss events at Fan Fest.

1. Merchandise Mark Downs

Everybody loves a bargain, right? During Fan Fest, the DBAP has some of the best sale prices you will see on Durham Bulls merch. Select merchandise will be marked down as much as 50 percent, and other selected items will be sold for $5 or less. You’ll have more than enough left over for tickets to a game where you can show off your new swag, and who doesn’t love the feeling of new clothes?


Source: giphy

2. Free* food!

*When you buy a ticket

That’s right, fans can get free food at Fan Fest (when you buy a ticket to any game). Single-game tickets will be on sale for any game, including each of our top date night suggestions. And when you buy a ticket, you get a voucher for a free hot dog and soda at Fan Fest. Your offseason dreams of ballpark hot dogs dancing with Pepsi products can finally be realized.


The Durham Bulls do not endorse eating pets. No judgement if you want to dress them up though. Source: giphy

Fans who are considering season tickets or mini plans get a chance to test drive seats around the DBAP and pick the ones they want for their ticket package. How else can you find that seat that isn’t too far from the field, but is just close enough to the nearest concession stand?

3. Relive your baseball/softball glory days

Fans can take batting practice and play catch on the field during Fan Fest, too. Have your friend throw you some good fly balls you can dive for to show off your Kevin Kiermaier impressions in the DBAP outfield. Try to hit the Bull atop the Blue Monster during BP and live up to those seven home runs and 1.200 OPS you keep telling your friends you had for your high school squad (hey, if they aren’t there to see it, we’ll back up whatever you say happened).

Just remember to take it easy on your Jose Bautista bat flips.


Joey Bats shows you how its done. Source:


If your bat flip is closer to Anthony Rizzo’s, we suggest taking some practice flips at home before busting it out during BP. Source:

4. Bull Durham Brewery Tours

Once you’re done getting grass stains from showing off your 80 grade defense in the outfield, check out the brewery tour at Bull Durham Brewery in the DBAP. You might be surprised what you find inside the brewery.


Don’t ask how all that would fit inside the DBAP. Source:

5. Pictures with Wool E. Bull

Practice your best selfie face, because Wool E. Bull is ready for his glamor shot with you. And if you’re taking selfies elsewhere around the DBAP, keep an eye out for his photobombing skills.


Source: giphy

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