You love these Han Solo uniforms? I know.

General-Promotion Graphic-16x9

In 2015, Earth learned of the passing of a heroic fighter and friend in a galaxy far, far away. His name was Han Solo, and his involvement in helping the Rebel cause secure victory over the Empire was of the utmost importance – even if he viewed himself as just a smuggler trying to make some money. To honor him properly, the Durham Bulls will pay tribute to the revered icon by donning a Han Solo uniform on the team’s annual Star Wars Night, taking place this year on May 7.

First, the jersey is highlighted by Han’s classic black vest over his tan undershirt. Fittingly, the Bulls will sport a Henley-style, two-button jersey in case any players want to show off the top of their chest like Han always did.


His black vest is patterned with Chewbacca and Princess Leia, the two beings that mattered most to him in life. On the right side of the vest is an image of Chewie, paying homage to the fact Chewie was Han’s right-hand Wookie.

Chewie Vest

On the left side of the vest is Leia, who is there to symbolize she will always be in Han’s heart.

Leia Vest

On the right sleeve of the uniform is a patch of the ‘fastest ship in the galaxy,’ Han’s beloved Millennium Falcon. On the inside of the patch is Han and his blaster, tying together his ship and his weapon of choice. As he once said, “Just blast everything and fly a fast ship. And bring a Wookie. Works for me.” And oh yeah, let’s not forget the Alliance Starbird (read: Rebel symbol) overlays Han inside the ship.

Right Sleeve

The numbers on the jersey are the font ITC Serif Gothic Std Heavy. In layman’s terms? It’s the same font used in the title sequence of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

han back

Perhaps the best part, though? All jerseys will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Autism Society of North Carolina. To enhance the authenticity, players will sign the commemorative patch at the bottom of the jersey after the game.


Fans can purchase tickets to Star Wars Night on May 7 here.


Where do you bid on the jerseys?

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