Bulls Team Up with RUNAWAY for DURM Night Uniforms


UPDATE: Fans can bid on the DURM Night jerseys now HERE, with all proceeds benefiting the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League.

It started from a tweet. Back on Nov. 4, @ProfessorToon threw out an idea on Twitter. It was seen by the Bulls’ social media team, and a plan was put into action.

The result? The Bulls’ DURM jerseys – completely designed by RUNAWAY – will be worn for the team’s game on June 9 when they take on the Norfolk Tides.

The collaboration between the Bulls and RUNAWAY marks the first time the Bulls will wear a uniform that wasn’t designed by the team or a sports apparel company. The colors of the uniform pay homage to Durham’s flag, as the colors royal blue, gold and red are seen throughout.


Highlighting the uniform is the jersey’s chest, where DURM is emblazoned across the front, beginning with the Bulls’ iconic ‘D’ logo. DURM is a term coined by RUNAWAY as an ode to the city’s hard-nosed history. Just above the letters on the chest are the seven stars of Durham, seen on the city’s flag.


The hat is royal blue, with a block ‘D’ in red and trimmed in gold. The seven stars of Durham float through the letter’s opening though, instead of the team’s iconic snorting bull.


The Bulls will wear white pants for the contest, but will show off blue, gold and red socks as an added tribute to the city.


“As lifelong fans, this is a dream opportunity,” RUNAWAY Founder and Creative Director Gabriel Eng-Goetz said. “What better stage to showcase pride for our hometown than under the bright lights of Durham Bulls Athletic Park?”

DURM Night will be a celebration of the City of Durham, specifically the city’s vibrant art scene.

“We’re thrilled to partner with RUNAWAY for this unique uniform collaboration,” Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said. “As we aim to celebrate the creative arm of Durham, a uniform designed by a Durham-based clothing company was a no-brainer for us. We couldn’t be happier with the jersey design, and know it represents the team and city well.”

All on-field jerseys will be auctioned off online, with the auction beginning on Wednesday, June 8. All proceeds of the auction will benefit the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League.

Tickets to DURM Night can be purchased here.


I really wish these jerseys and hats were available to the public to purchase. At the very least, have a silent auction for the teams worn jerseys and hats to benefit Durham’s local art scene.

They will be! More information regarding merchandise will be available as we get closer to the day of the game.

Very cool! Thanks for the response.

How can we stay posted for when these awesome articles go on sale?! I want some!

When merchandise goes on sale we’ll be sure to update our social media channels and the blog!

Geez. What took so long to respond?

Sorry. Usually we try to answer in under 30 seconds. We’ll do better in the future.

Is any of this for sale? I want a DURM Jersey and hat.

There will be more info on merchandise as the date of the game gets closer.

Any news here? Thanks!

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please sell these in the corner store! I don’t have a couple hundred bucks to drop on an auction shirt but if they ever went on a fixed sale in the store I would love one!!!

Will player ‘s name be on the back?

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