Denver Broncos Fans Got Mad at Us for No Reason

If anyone is familiar with our Twitter account, they know we like to have fun. Well on Thursday the account was back at it, comparing the Broncos’ Color Rush helmets to the Bulls’ Bull City Blues hats/uniform, which debuted during the 2016 season.

Basically, it was a comment on the Broncos’ navy/bright orange color combo, which again, the Bulls used for the first time this past season. Note, the word ‘logo’ is nowhere to be found in that tweet. Well, Broncos fans were NOT happy, despite the fact they had no idea what was going on.

As you can see, they completely missed the point. But, here’s our two favorites, presented with comments.

This person called us out for doing no research, when they themselves did no research on the Tweet in question! Classic.

This guy actually called for someone to lose his/her job over this tweet, while he completely misunderstood the point of the tweet. Not to mention, he doesn’t even know when the Bulls logo was introduced! If you’re going to call us out, please, please, PLEASE at least be right.

But perhaps THE BEST part of this whole fiasco (you know, other than people attacking our Twitter account without understanding the tweet at all), is that we’ve already pointed out the similarities (or really differences) in the two logos. And we did that earlier this year! On Twitter, no less!

Welcome to the Interwebs in 2016, folks.

1 Comment

I am both a Broncos and Bulls fan….. My son plays little league and his team name this year was the Durham Bulls (they won the championships too)…. I for one loved the logo and the similarities to the Broncos logo!!!!!

I will say though that we were at an Oakland A’s game this summer with the little league team and some idiot drunk Oakland Raiders fan got in our coaches face and wanted to fight him because he was wearing a Durham Bulls hat…. He thought it was a Denver Broncos hat and told our coach he was in the wrong stadium (and a few expletive words) with that hat on.

Its ridiculous that people can’t like the teams they want whether they live in the same state or not.

Come spring 2017, it’ll be time to cheer GO BULLS…… for now though….. GO BRONCOS!!

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