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Denver Broncos Fans Got Mad at Us for No Reason

If anyone is familiar with our Twitter account, they know we like to have fun. Well on Thursday the account was back at it, comparing the Broncos’ Color Rush helmets to the Bulls’ Bull City Blues hats/uniform, which debuted during the 2016 season.

Basically, it was a comment on the Broncos’ navy/bright orange color combo, which again, the Bulls used for the first time this past season. Note, the word ‘logo’ is nowhere to be found in that tweet. Well, Broncos fans were NOT happy, despite the fact they had no idea what was going on.

As you can see, they completely missed the point. But, here’s our two favorites, presented with comments.

This person called us out for doing no research, when they themselves did no research on the Tweet in question! Classic.

This guy actually called for someone to lose his/her job over this tweet, while he completely misunderstood the point of the tweet. Not to mention, he doesn’t even know when the Bulls logo was introduced! If you’re going to call us out, please, please, PLEASE at least be right.

But perhaps THE BEST part of this whole fiasco (you know, other than people attacking our Twitter account without understanding the tweet at all), is that we’ve already pointed out the similarities (or really differences) in the two logos. And we did that earlier this year! On Twitter, no less!

Welcome to the Interwebs in 2016, folks.

Bulls Team Up with RUNAWAY for DURM Night Uniforms


UPDATE: Fans can bid on the DURM Night jerseys now HERE, with all proceeds benefiting the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League.

It started from a tweet. Back on Nov. 4, @ProfessorToon threw out an idea on Twitter. It was seen by the Bulls’ social media team, and a plan was put into action.

The result? The Bulls’ DURM jerseys – completely designed by RUNAWAY – will be worn for the team’s game on June 9 when they take on the Norfolk Tides.

The collaboration between the Bulls and RUNAWAY marks the first time the Bulls will wear a uniform that wasn’t designed by the team or a sports apparel company. The colors of the uniform pay homage to Durham’s flag, as the colors royal blue, gold and red are seen throughout.


Highlighting the uniform is the jersey’s chest, where DURM is emblazoned across the front, beginning with the Bulls’ iconic ‘D’ logo. DURM is a term coined by RUNAWAY as an ode to the city’s hard-nosed history. Just above the letters on the chest are the seven stars of Durham, seen on the city’s flag.


The hat is royal blue, with a block ‘D’ in red and trimmed in gold. The seven stars of Durham float through the letter’s opening though, instead of the team’s iconic snorting bull.


The Bulls will wear white pants for the contest, but will show off blue, gold and red socks as an added tribute to the city.


“As lifelong fans, this is a dream opportunity,” RUNAWAY Founder and Creative Director Gabriel Eng-Goetz said. “What better stage to showcase pride for our hometown than under the bright lights of Durham Bulls Athletic Park?”

DURM Night will be a celebration of the City of Durham, specifically the city’s vibrant art scene.

“We’re thrilled to partner with RUNAWAY for this unique uniform collaboration,” Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said. “As we aim to celebrate the creative arm of Durham, a uniform designed by a Durham-based clothing company was a no-brainer for us. We couldn’t be happier with the jersey design, and know it represents the team and city well.”

All on-field jerseys will be auctioned off online, with the auction beginning on Wednesday, June 8. All proceeds of the auction will benefit the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League.

Tickets to DURM Night can be purchased here.

You love these Han Solo uniforms? I know.

General-Promotion Graphic-16x9

In 2015, Earth learned of the passing of a heroic fighter and friend in a galaxy far, far away. His name was Han Solo, and his involvement in helping the Rebel cause secure victory over the Empire was of the utmost importance – even if he viewed himself as just a smuggler trying to make some money. To honor him properly, the Durham Bulls will pay tribute to the revered icon by donning a Han Solo uniform on the team’s annual Star Wars Night, taking place this year on May 7.

First, the jersey is highlighted by Han’s classic black vest over his tan undershirt. Fittingly, the Bulls will sport a Henley-style, two-button jersey in case any players want to show off the top of their chest like Han always did.


His black vest is patterned with Chewbacca and Princess Leia, the two beings that mattered most to him in life. On the right side of the vest is an image of Chewie, paying homage to the fact Chewie was Han’s right-hand Wookie.

Chewie Vest

On the left side of the vest is Leia, who is there to symbolize she will always be in Han’s heart.

Leia Vest

On the right sleeve of the uniform is a patch of the ‘fastest ship in the galaxy,’ Han’s beloved Millennium Falcon. On the inside of the patch is Han and his blaster, tying together his ship and his weapon of choice. As he once said, “Just blast everything and fly a fast ship. And bring a Wookie. Works for me.” And oh yeah, let’s not forget the Alliance Starbird (read: Rebel symbol) overlays Han inside the ship.

Right Sleeve

The numbers on the jersey are the font ITC Serif Gothic Std Heavy. In layman’s terms? It’s the same font used in the title sequence of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

han back

Perhaps the best part, though? All jerseys will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Autism Society of North Carolina. To enhance the authenticity, players will sign the commemorative patch at the bottom of the jersey after the game.


Fans can purchase tickets to Star Wars Night on May 7 here.

How (and Why) the Today Show Featured Bulls Hats

Earlier this morning on the ‘Today Show,’ Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist sported Durham Bulls hats on the broadcast.

Some folks are asking how this came to be. Well, it was announced back in January that WRAL-TV would switch from a CBS affiliate to an NBC affiliate on Feb. 29. WRAL-TV is owned by Capitol Broadcasting Company, the same company that owns the Bulls.

(Link to the full clip)

To help unite NBC and the CBC family, it was decided that the folks up in New York could use some Durham Bulls gear. So last week a few Bulls staffers nabbed some hats from the Ballpark Corner Store, and before you knew it the hats were on their way up to Manhattan.

Been a good week for Bulls hats. First they get some love on Netflix, now they get some love on the ‘Today Show.’ Guess that’s what happens when you have the best hat in baseball.

Bulls Lid Hits Netflix

So the Durham Bulls made yet another appearance in pop culture recently. In Season One, Episode One of the Netflix original series ‘Cooked,’ Ryan Mitchell is seen wearing a Bulls hat throughout the episode. Ryan is the son of Ed Mitchell, who of course is a big-time player in the BBQ scene and a native of nearby Wilson, NC.

Cooked 3


Cooked 2

(Hat tip to reader Paul for bringing this to our attention and for the photos)

To our knowledge, this is the first time the Bulls have been on Netflix. You know, other than that movie ‘Bull Durham’ or whatever it was called. Think we were mentioned in that one, too.

Just another reminder that the Durham Bulls are everywhere.

One Fan LOVES #TieWednesdays

So we re-launched our Snapchat account a couple of weeks ago (you can follow along using the username durhambulls). For some reason, every Wednesday is Tie Wednesday in the office, where employees will dress up a tad bit more than usual. The Bulls’ Snapchat account has taken to documenting the affair, and for the most part we’ve gotten decent reviews:


However, the aforementioned @TheaBarr took things a little further last week, when she posted a collage of some of her favorite (maybe?) ties from the last couple of weeks.


As you can see, some ties are great, others were clearly taken out of someone’s great-grandpa’s closet. Either way, #TieWednesdays will live on.

Wool E. Bull’s Letter to Bulls Fans

On Tuesday afternoon the Lehigh Valley IronPigs reported an agreement had been reached with the Durham Bulls, to trade one of the IronPigs’ mascots, Hambone, to Durham in exchange for Wool E. Bull.

Roughly 30 minutes later the Durham Bulls addressed the report, citing anonymous sources Wool E. Bull would not waive his no-trade clause.

On Tuesday evening, Wool E. Bull passed along a letter to the Durham Bulls PR department citing his desire to stay in Durham. The full text of the letter is below:

Bulls Fans,

Earlier today it was reported that I had been involved in a trade to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in exchange for one of their mascots, Hambone. There were reports the only reason the deal fell through is because of a failed physical exam, which negated the trade.

I’d like to set the record straight, and inform you that those reports were inaccurate. Since I first signed with the Bulls, a no-trade clause has always been a part of my contract. The DBAP is my home. You, our amazing fans, have cared for me as one of your own, inviting me to birthday parties and festivals and parades. For reasons such as these, I would never want to leave this city.

I’ve spent my entire career with the Durham Bulls, and this is where I intend to end my career, whenever that day may come. Know that I have no aspirations to leave Durham, and I have no desire to perform for any crowd other than the DBAP’s. You, the fans, are the reason I wake up in the morning.

Thanks, and go Bulls.

Wool E. Bull

Wool E. Bull, a Durham staple, signed a 13-year contract extension with the Bulls in November of 2014, just days after the Marlins inked slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a contract of the same length.

We suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let’s go FULL Star Wars uniform.

Durham Bulls Star Wars UniformsHow do you top a Star Wars theme jersey that raised nearly $20,000 for charity? You go FULL STAR WARS UNIFORM.

That’s right, when the Durham Bulls take the field for our annual Star Wars Night on May 16, they’ll do so sporting a complete uniform inspired by everyone’s favorite protocol droid, C-3PO. We obviously have a thing for droids.

A breakdown of the team’s head-to-toe Threepio look:

  • First, the jerseys. A recreation of restraining bolt-era C-3PO’s torso, these jerseys will again be available in auctions to raise money for our friends at the Autism Society of NC. There will be both an in-game silent auction, as well as an online auction that will accept bids via web, text or phone from anywhere.
  • The Bulls will sport custom gold & black hats for the occasion. These New Era lids will be available for purchase in the Ballpark Corner Store and our online shop.
  • Pants, too? Yup. Gold pants for the Bulls for that all-out C-3PO look.
  • And to round out the uniforms, sublimated socks with custom designs on front and back. And you know the Bulls always wear their socks up.

To sum it up, the possibility of having better Star Wars uniforms than us is approximately 3,720 to 1. Our favorite part about the unveiling though? It’s Autism Awareness Day. Having fun with this epic theme night is made that much better by raising money and awareness to fight a disorder that too many families face.

There will be a several jerseys available for auction at the DBAP the night of the event. The remainder of the game-worn jerseys (and a handful of non game-worn jerseys) will also be available in an online auction, where you can bid via text, web, or phone from anywhere in the world. As an added bonus, each players’ C-3PO inspired socks will be included with in the jersey package.

This year’s Star Wars Night is Saturday, May 16 (bummer, but we aren’t home on May 4th this season). Get tickets for the game, presented by Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, HERE. We’d do it quick, too…last year’s Star Wars Night generated the 4th biggest crowd in DBAP history.

Hitteth Bull Winneth Steak on Game of Thrones Night

GOT-Article We promised you Game of Thrones jerseys and we are giving you Game of Thrones jerseys. On April 23, the Bulls of House Durham will wear theme jerseys as part of Game of Thrones Night. Now, these aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill Minor League theme jerseys. These jerseys are for those who enjoy details, like most Game of Thrones fans. Here are some particulars:

  • Rather than throw the Bulls into a jersey garnered with faux chain mail, this jersey is designed as a modern day, real-world version of how a prominent Game of Thrones family might dress should they find themselves playing baseball. We wanted it to be able to work as a legitimate alternate jersey for the Bulls.
  • Game of Thrones revolves around several major families vying for power. These “houses” all have lengthy histories and lineages, and most fun of all, they each have a family sigil (basically their logo), colors, and cool “house words” (their motto). On Game of Thrones Night, the Bulls of House Durham will don these jerseys emblazoned with their sigil (a bull, obvs) on the chest and their house words “Hitteth Bull Winneth Steak” on their sleeve:


  • The Bull sigil itself not only represents the team’s moniker, but also the City of Durham…which is affectionately known as the “Bull City.” The seven stars below the bull mirror the seven stars on the the City of Durham’s flag. Seven is also a big number in Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms, the Faith of the Seven.


  • The geometric background of the jersey is a simple pattern, but some see familiar faces of well-known GoT sigils. A Stark dire wolf? A Lannister lion? A Durham bull? Or just a bunch of home plates?

So, how do you get your hands on one? This is the best part…we get to raise some money while having fun with cool jerseys. During Game of Thrones Night, the team’s game-worn jerseys will be auctioned, with proceeds benefiting the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League – a program funded by the Bulls to provide recreational baseball free-of-charge to over 500 youngsters in the City of Durham. Some jerseys will also be made available for purchase online and in the Ballpark Corner Store. You can purchase tickets HERE for the April 23rd game, presented by Hilton Durham.

Rally the realm. Game of Thrones Night is coming.

GameofThrones-Twitter-Revised2We’ve made no secret that we’re into some things that people might consider nerdy (see Star Wars Night). Last season, we highlighted the stellar Twitter work of Bulls fan Mur Lafferty, who routinely tweets at games from the perspective of Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark.

We’re about to take it to a whole new level. On April 23, the Bulls of House Durham will host Game of Thrones Night. For the millions of fans of HBO’s mega-hit show and the readers of George R.R. Martin’s novels, this is your night. After all, the fantasy epic and baseball have a lot in common:

  • Good guys & bad guys: we’re playing the Charlotte Knights on 4/23…yes, we did that on purpose.
  • Awesome costumes: The Bulls will wear custom theme jerseys. We’re going to make you wait to see those (but trust us, they’ll be in more demand than dragon eggs).
  • Plot twists: Lots of inning breaks means lots of GoT-themed entertainment. Some things you might expect, some you won’t.
  • The Wall: Theirs is made of ice and keeps out the undead. Ours is made of blue-painted wood and keeps balls in play. Close enough.
  • MLB Advanced Media: Baseball’s internet arm will power the HBO NOW streaming service (which will launch in time for Game of Thrones’ season five premiere) and it powers We’re cousins in technology.
  • Lavish food & drink: Game of Thrones Night falls on a $1 concessions Thursday…you’ll feel as rich as a Lannister with all the $1 hot dogs you can buy. Plus, the DBAP’s selection of spirits rivals the finest outputs from the Arbor.
  • Spirit animals: The Starks have dire wolves, we’ve got Wool E. Bull.

The major difference is, unlike the show or books, no major characters will meet their untimely demise during our event. And of course, we’ve got big plans for #Sansaball. Get your tickets HERE for the April 23rd game, presented by Hilton Durham. It’ll surely be one of the most buzzed-about Minor League Baseball promotions of the season.