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Wool E. Bull’s Diary: Entry Six

Dear Diar E.,

BIIIIGGGGG weekend ahead. First, my big appearance of this weekend is Fall Fan Fest, which is always a lot of fun. Since I don’t get to see our fans all that often anymore, it’s always nice to see a bunch of people come out and enjoy one last afternoon at the ballpark for the year.

Second, Halloween is on Monday, and I always enjoy dressing up. In the past I’ve been Wool E. Potter, Wool E. McFly, MC Wool E. and Wool E. Urkel, among many others. Not sure what I’ll do this year, but I always do my best thinking with my back legs against the wall. Also, Halloween means CANDY. So here, I’m going to rank my Top 10 favorite Halloween candies in order.

10. Mike and Ike

9. M&M’s

8. Sour Patch Kids

7. Skittles

6. Snickers

5. Kit Kat

4. Junior Mints

3. Starburst

2. Twix

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

A few quick thoughts. I obviously love chocolate and fruity flavors. Reese’s was always going to be No. 1, but really 2-5 can be arranged in a couple of different ways. For the most part these are your basic choices, nothing too crazy. Stick with what’s tried and true.

Also, a special note on ‘fun size’ candy. Stop calling it that. Nothing is ‘fun’ about a tiny little Twix bar that’s gone after one bite. Stop playing with my feelings and under-delivering, candy marketers.

Also also, candy corn is not good, and didn’t even sniff this list.

Now, on to my weekly NFL picks. Went 8-6-1 last week (thanks Seahawks and Cardinals), upping me to 35-39-1 overall. Need to get back over the .500 mark for the season. This is brutal.

Jaguars @ Titans: Titans

Redskins @ Bengals: Bengals

Chiefs @ Colts: Colts

Raiders @ Bucs: Raiders

Seahawks @ Saints: Seahawks

Lions @ Texans: Texans

Jets @ Browns: Jets

Patriots @ Bills: Patriots

Cardinals @ Panthers: Panthers (I’ll never stop picking Panthers)

Chargers @ Broncos: Broncos

Packers @ Falcons: Falcons

Eagles @ Cowboys: Eagles

Vikings @ Bears: Vikings