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Wool E. Bull’s Diary: Entry Four

Dear Diar E.,

My week got off to a tough start when I had my Galaxy Note7 recalled by Samsung, so I was without a phone for a little. Then I wised up and just got an iPhone. Also, shoutout to Samsung for announcing the recall in the middle of Sunday’s presidential debate. Perfect time to announce your top product starts fires. Bury it, and bury it hard.

On a separate note, good luck to my buddy Stormy and the Carolina Hurricanes as they kick off their 2016-17 season today. Expectations are definitely higher than in years past for the Canes, but they’ll back it up. A lot of good, young talent on the squad. Plus, Stormy’s the best ice hog there is, so they’re in good hands on the mascot front.

I got a busy weekend coming up, with a bunch of appearances. On Saturday I’ll be at a 5K and a walk, and Sunday I’ll be at the Bull City Race Fest. Unfortunately, I’m not making my way to the State Fair until the end of next week. Please don’t eat all the good stuff. You know I like my treats.

For my NFL picks, I went 8-6 last week, upping my record to 22-23 overall. Honestly, the Panthers have really hurt me this year. I’ll stick with them though, they’ll turn it around soon.

Broncos @ Chargers: Broncos

Ravens @ Giants: Giants

49ers @ Bills: 49ers

Eagles @ Redskins: Eagles

Browns @ Titans: Titans

Panthers @ Saints: Panthers

Jaguars @ Bears: Bears

Rams @ Lions: Rams

Steelers @ Dolphins: Steelers

Bengals @ Patriots: Patriots

Chiefs @ Raiders: Raiders

Falcons @ Seahawks: Falcons

Cowboys @ Packers: Packers

Colts @ Texans: Texans

Jets @ Cardinals: Cardinals