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Wool E. Bull’s Diary: Entry Three

Dear Diar E.,

A lot to talk about this week in the world of sports. We had the MLB regular season come to an end (and subsequently the Wild Card games), the Ryder Cup, some crazy college football games and of course the NFL. Life is good right now if you’re a sports fan. Life is not so good if you’ve been following the campaign or crazy, creepy clowns.

First, the bad stuff. How are people still talking about the first debate? Trump sniffled, Clinton shimmied. Let’s move on. Of course, moving on means we’re going to talk about clowns. What are earth is the deal with this? I’m (obviously) all for entertainers of all shapes and sizes – mascots, musicians, comedians, and – when used appropriately – clowns. However, clowns patrolling the woods or wandering around towns is terrifying. Seriously, absolutely, unequivocally terrifying. Stay safe from those heathens.

On to the world of sports. The final day of the MLB regular season wasn’t all that exciting. But the AL and NL Wild Card Games? Fire. Now the Blue Jays and Rangers get a rematch (hello Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista!), while Madison Bumgarner continued to show he is not human by shutting down the Mets. (Also, Conor Gillaspie is the big brother of our very own Casey Gillaspie, which is neat.)

In the Ryder Cup the U.S. showed the Europeans who’s boss (USA! USA!), and college football had some CRAZY games. Luckily I finished my appearances early on Saturday to get back to the DBAP and veg out to watch them. (Shoutout to UNC for their ‘walk-off’ win over the ‘Noles.)

And that brings us to our weekly NFL picks. Last week I guaranteed at least a .500 mark, and I finished 8-7. Boo ya. Now I’m 14-17 on the year, which frankly isn’t very good, but I’ll turn it around.

Cardinals @ 49ers: Cardinals

Patriots @ Browns: Patriots

Eagles @ Lions: Eagles

Bears @ Colts: Colts

Titans @ Dolphins: Dolphins

Redskins @ Ravens: Redskins

Texans @ Vikings: Vikings

Jets @ Steelers: Steelers

Falcons @ Broncos: Broncos

Bengals @ Cowboys: Bengals

Bills @ Rams: Rams

Chargers @ Raiders: Raiders

Giants @ Packers: Packers

Bucs @ Panthers: Panthers

Finally, with Hurricane Matthew coming up the east coast this weekend, everybody please stay safe. Catch you next week.

Wool E.